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This namespace contains several useful classes as follows :

  • BinaryNumber – Represents a binary number.
  • ComplexNumber – Represents a complex number.
  • ConsoleMenu – Represents a console menu for user choice input in console mode application.
  • EnumUtil – Provides some utility methods for .net enumerations like type safe parsing of string to an enum value.
  • GenericCalculator– Represents a calculator for binary operations on generic types. Provides standard arithmetic operators that operates on different operand types.
  • Iterable – Provides means of generating sequences of different types depending on steps, generator functions etc.
  • Pipe – Provides pipelining of functions.
  • QMath – Provides some math functions which are not there in System.Math class.
  • Stat – Provides some methods for statistical calculations like Mean, Median, Mode, Kurtosis, Percentile, Range, Variance, Standard Deviation, Skewness, Quartiles, Sum of Errors, Sum of Error Squares.
  • ReverseComparer – Represents a reverse comparison operation; it reverses the result of normal comparers.

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