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Project Description
Quasar is a suite of class libraries for .Net developers, providing data structures, algorithm, extension methods and other components which are not implemented in standard .Net framework. The library provides data structures like Trees, Heap, Queue, SkipList, Graph etc.; several useful extensions methods for .Net collections, strings, random numbers, delegates etc.; algorithms like CRC32, Matrix operations etc. The code base will grow over time, look in on this space for new updates.

Please see the documentation for package details.

The project currently is in alpha status. For more details visit the project page.



Release Notes


Road Map



NOTE: Not all the codes are written by me, some of the useful code blocks are taken from other open source projects like Mannex, Quickgraph etc. and various articles from community sites like codeproject etc. Please see the credit remarks in the documentation of respective classes for specific details.

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